Seven Dogmas of Biological Science

  • The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology
  • Essential amino acids are not synthesised by the body
  • Synthesis of some hormones
  • Human do not Photosynthesise
  • Circadian Rhythms are a aligned to a 24 hr clock
  • Endosymbiosis theory, eukaryotic life subsumed prokaryotic life
  • Evolution theory (primordial soup theory)


  • 1. Central dogma of molecular biology – If life started in accordance with Darwinian theory of evolution, it didn’t start with RNA or DNA, as these are macro molecules (complex). Life must have started more simply, with amino acids, the building blocks of life (simple).

  • 2. Essential amino acids are not synthesised by the body -  what if there are some amino acids already present in the body, within mitochondrial cell, which are passed on through inheritance?

  • 3. Synthesis of some hormones – we have discovered how some hormones can be synthesised differently from current understanding.

  • 4. Human do not photosynthesise – what if the photosynthesis process takes place within mitochondrial cells of all life forms including humans?

  • 5. Circadian Rhythms are aligned to a 24 hr clock – as already mentioned, these bio-rhythms have more to do with the number of photons received by photoreceptor cells and the half-life of the two hormones released during UV or IR, than a 24-hr clock. which of course did not exist when bio-rhythms first occured in the very first form of life.

  • 6. Endosymbiosis theory Eukaryotic life subsumed Prokaryotic life – If we consider Prokaryotic life (less complex) came before Eukaryotic life (more complex) and Prokaryotic life had the fundamental survival and protection mechanism, how did Eukaryotic life exist without the fundamental mechanism? The answer is it couldn’t. Therefore, we consider, in true Darwinian theory, that Eukaryotic life evolved from Prokaryotic life.

  • Evolution theory (primordial soup) – if we consider life started with the building blocks of life, amino acids (simple), we have to think about the solubility, and if they were hydrophobic or hydrophilic. We have a theory suggesting, before liquid water on Earth existed, there would have been water vapour in the atmosphere. When temperatures of the Earth cooled enough, lower than boiling point of water, it would have been hotter during the day and much cooler at night. What if, the process of condensation took place on some amino acids? Just one molecule of liquid water to produce a solution and make it easier for a bonding process to take place, to kick-start life. Considerably smaller, and less complicated than a “primordial soup”.

    The small compound, its reactions to external stimuli, the fundamental survival & protection mechanism, key life functions and q-genes©, explain our different views on the seven dogmas of biological science.

Further Research

Most of this work is subject to confidentiality and pending patents.

However, we conducted some research on sources of genetic materials (encoded as genes) for the manufacture of new drugs. With thoughts of Chinese medicine, we analysed 107 products used in Chinese medicine and food products.

After we completed this exercise we research some more, to find the sources of the missing genetic materials. We found them in; chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit and a variety of oily fish. This says a lot about having a balanced diet.

The outcome of this advanced research shows how pharmaceutical companies and bio-tech drug developers can save huge amounts of time, effort and cost, by using q-genes©.